Gearbox arrives

The new Owens 2 speed has arrived from the States so we look forward to taking that to Psycleworkz in the coming weeks. During that visit we will take some pictures of the new parts Martin has made. We are told that the back end of the chassis has come together so we are looking forward to shortly having a rolling chassis.




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New Website coming soon

We’re thrilled that @mediatopia are just about to begin work on our new website, looking forward to seeing a draft soon!

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Truck back end

Some work by Shamus on the back end of the truck today. The tall rear doors have been cut so that the upper bunks remain behind closed doors, plus it will make things much easier when opening and closing. Shiner’s fold away bunk has also gone into the workshop area so that he’s never far away from his tools!





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Look out for us today (18th October 2012) on Eurodragster, see

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Quick bike update

Martin and Cindy from Psycleworkz have been in touch with a quick update on the bike. Many parts have now been machined with more on the way. We did lose some time due to the pieces lost in the fire but new billets have been delivered to the shop.

We have had word that our new Owen gearbox has now left the states and our pistons have been ordered from Ross Racing Pistons in the US.

Once the gearbox arrives, Martin will set to work on the chassis, the wheels are already here so it won’t be long until we have something that looks like a bike.

There is an update on its way to Eurodragter so please keep an eye out, below you can see some pictures of bike pieces both finished and in progress.




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Some more truck pics

After a recent visit to Bristol, I stopped in to see Shamus’s progress on the truck. In the pictures you can see the kitchen and living area taking shape, the shower room, bunks above the workshop and belly lockers giving access to the under floor tanks and storage areas.

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Klunk Retired

It is with regret that we must announce the reirement of our trusty pit bike Klunk. As you can see, he will be quite happy from his new home, keeping an eye on Shamus in the workshop.Image

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Nitrolympix 2012

Having just returned from the event, we must say a huge thank you to Martin and Cindy from Psycleworkz for their hospitality over the weekend.

In what was a challenging weekend for all involved due to the track conditions, we had an excellent time and look forward to hopefully racing ourselves there next year.

On that note, we were hoping to collect our new gearbox this weekend, however there has been a slight delay in the States, so we are patiently waiting the arrival of that so that Martin can begin on the chassis.

The weekend did give us chance to sit with Martin and discuss the build and make further decisions in order to make progress. There was a chance of having at least a chassis and base of a motor for the upcoming Euro Finals, but I think that the gearbox delay may hamper that. Whatever happens, we are getting closer and we hope to have some pictures of the build soon.






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Quick update

Apologies for the lack of updates in recent weeks, this simply coincides with everyone being busy in day jobs and Martin spending lots of time completing drawings of the bike.

Shamus has sent me a picture of the truck with an additional side window and the first of the belly lockers inserted. More work is underway inside the truck and Martin has informed us that we may have a shot at displaying a rolling chassis and motor at the upcoming Euro Finals at Santa Pod.

We are off to Hockenheim with the Psycleworkz guys next week so there will be an update after that.


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Santa Pod Main Event 2012

As our bike is still under construction, we were not entered into the Main Event. A big thank you to Martin and Cindy from Psycleworkz who invited us to the event with them and their Pro Stock Bike team. As this is being written, MartinĀ is awaiting his first round elimination so we wish him all the best.




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