July 2017 Update

Those that have read the website will know that despite the difficulties faced with the previous bike build, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Please watch this space over the next few months where we hope to bring news of a new bike following a complete change of direction, along with a finished race truck and finally a date to return to the track.

Thanks again to those of you that have supported the team over a difficult period, we hope to be providing some on track entertainment very soon. A special mention goes to Mediatopia for their fantastic website and AFB Motorcycles for continually supporting the cause.

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Website update

We’ve played about with the website today and added some pics both old
and new. Please check it out at http://www.afbdragracing.co.uk

The new bike is making swift progress now and looks like being on track this summer for testing. We’ll hopefully update more regularly now with pictures and information.

Thanks for reading.

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Truck progress

Shamus has been putting lots more storage in the new truck this week. The wall coverings have arrived, along with wooden floors and heaters. The belly lockers are in place to allow access underneath the floor and the bathroom has been clad with stainless panels. All in all it’s coming along nicely, soon will be paint and vinyls to have it looking the part.







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Bike update

Following Shamus’s visit to Psycleworkz at the weekend, we have some great pictures of the bike (although apologies for the picture quality). Martin tells us that the design work on the heads and block is drawing to a close, and we hope to have a functioning engine by Christmas (what a great Christmas present)!









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Preview to the weekend.

Shamus is off to Psycleworkz this weekend to have a look at the progress, there are lots of new parts ready for us. Here are a couple of snap shots.



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Truck rear end

Shamus decided that the original barn doors weren’t good for loading the bike, so a new ramp has been fitted to make it easier to unload.



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Quick Update

Shamus has sent a couple of pictures of some work on the back end of the new truck. The original barn doors are being replaced with a new ramp.

We will have an update on the bike shortly with plenty of progress being made.




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Cab cut through

Shamus has sent a couple of pictures from the truck. One of the trickier things that are needed on the bus, as the cut through must allow the cab to tilt, thus allowing access to the engine, as well as maintaining a good seal. He has also fitted solid shocks to limit the movement of the cab whilst in motion. More pics as it progresses.





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Busy busy

With the bike coming along nicely now, Shamus has been working hard getting the truck finished, along with mediatopia putting our new website together and the rest of us thinking about new uniforms etc ready for the new season. We are hoping to have more updates in the coming weeks as things start to get closer to the finishing line.





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New bike is coming along a treat!

Many thanks to Martin and Cindy at Psycleworkz for entertaining us this morning. We met at the shop to deliver the new gearbox which arrived a couple of weeks ago and to have a look at the progress on the build.

When we arrived there were plenty of parts ready for us to have a look at that have been machined and lots of drawings nearing completion.

Judging by what we have seen this morning, 2013 is going to be an exciting year for everyone involved.


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